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Police Arrest Store Clerk Who Beat a Black Man Having a Seizure

Rocky Mount, N.C. – A store clerk in North Carolina has been arrested after a shocking video shows him using a stick to beat a 56-year-old customer who was having a seizure. 

The incident took place at the Princess Market convenience store in Rocky Mount, N.C. In the video, Sobhi Hassan, 69, can be seen repeatedly hitting Gregory Evans with what appeared to be a stick just moments after the man started convulsing from a seizure.  

Hassan hits Evans across his legs six times, telling him to get out of the store while he appears to be shaking and trying to steady himself on the store’s counter. 

Rocky Mount police arrested Hassan on Tuesday after WRAL-TV News shared the video with the police department.

Hassan, whose family owns the convenience store, has been charged with simple attack. 

Evans was hospitalized following the incident and underwent additional medical tests.

“He’s a little slow,” Evans’ sister Edith Cooper said during a community meeting at the Ebenezer Baptist Church on Monday. “And he still doesn’t have full mobility of his body at this time.”

Days after the incident, protesters began lining the street in front of the store, saying they want to see the Princess Market shut down for good.

“The video was horrible to look at, to see a person treated less than a human being,” said Rocky Mount resident Bronson Williams.

The group gathered around the market Wednesday to collect signatures for a petition and continued to protest.

Demonstrators said the convenience store employees and owners have behaved in “a negative and discriminatory way” toward their community for years, and that the video was the breaking point.

“This community is lacking banking activity, this community is lacking a pharmacy, this community is lacking educational opportunities as well, so there’s so much that could really go on here,” Williams said. “We’ve got to restore value back here in this community, so that people can know that they do matter.”

Authorities are investigating the incident, but have not said whether it is a hate crime.

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