Black Main Street


Sixty-one years ago, the Black community banded together in Montgomery, Alabama to help put an end to racial injustices and spark an even bigger movement. The initial boycott was planned as a one-day event, where Black citizens in the area would not use the city’s buses. The boycott was planned for December 5, 1955, and on that day 90% of the Black citizens of Montgomery, Alabama stood in unity and refused to ride the city’s buses.

bus-boycottAfter realizing the boycott was not getting the sought after results, the boycott was extended. What started as a one-day event, continued all the way through 1956. This was a boycott in the truest sense because it lasted 13 months until a Constitutional Amendment made segregation on buses illegal.

The boycott was truly successful because the Black community united together, forming a massive carpooling network which had up to 300 cars. Numerous cooks and maids walked endless amounts of miles for more than one-year, instead of giving in and taking the city’s buses. This is a great example of what can be accomplished when we band together towards a common goal.

The Montgomery bus boycott has given us the blueprint on how economically withholding our money from corporations that dehumanize us until our demands for justice are met, can be effective.

Today, Blacks in America spend over a trillion dollars annually. Most of that money is spent with large corporations, who do nothing to support our interests. We are being shot down and abused by law enforcement on a regular basis. In almost every instance the police officer has received no punishment, no significant jail time and in many cases doesn’t even lose his/her position as a law police officer. It’s time to look at what was accomplished in that city in Alabama 60 years ago and start to create a new plan of action – a Massive Action Plan to change our communities.

black-lives-matterWe are proposing here and now, that we come together as a community and devise a serious plan to make a bold statement to these corporations and government entities. Letting them know that they will see no more of our dollars until we are treated justly and our voices are heard; by law enforcement, the judicial system, the prison complex – the list goes on.

This must be a community effort from conception to fruition. We need to discuss ideas, devise and initiate a realistic and effective plan. We have built a safe place online where we can connect, and not worry about being censored or shut down for our views or statements. We invite everyone to join in on the discussion on

The unjust treatment of our people must come to an end. We believe the best way to show our power is to through a financial boycott. Lets come together like we did in 1955 and show our unity to the world. Its time to take action now!

To join in on this discussion and give your input for our Massive Action Plan, please sign up on (the new social network site for the Black Community). Once you are signed up, join the private Group called “MAP Boycott 2017.” This is where we will come together to share ideas, knowledge and experience, in order to formulate a solid action plan.


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