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This 10 Year Old Turned Bullying Into An International Plus-Sized Clothing Line

chubbi line clothingEgypt Ufele premiered her Chubii Line at this year’s New York Fashion Week. At 10 years old, Egypt became the only child designer to dress plus-sized models.

Her success story began during a rough period in her life. Egypt was being teased by her peers, often about her body weight.

“I was bullied and they called me all kinds of names. One time, I got stabbed with a pencil,” the 5th grader told the Today Show.

But Egypt didn’t let the negativity define her. Instead, she started designing and sewing clothes for her dolls. Soon after, she was sketching out her own clothing designs and using her grandmother’s sewing machine to make garments. From there, she launched her clothing line – Chubbii Line.

Chubbii LIne features clothing for all shapes, ages and genders. Many of the patterns are ankara or African print. Egypt describes the uniqueness of her clothes as “seeing what other designers won’t, capturing what others can’t.”

Ufele is now an internationally recognized fashion designer and she’s using her platform to bring attention to bullying. She uses the hashtag #bullychasers on social media.

“I turned from negative attention to positive attention,” she said.

For more information about Chubbi Line, check out their website here

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