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This 21 Year Old Entrepreneur Turned Down Microsoft And Google And Did His Own Thing

bae appJordan Kunzika is a 21-year old computer genius and a Google Generation Scholar. He has done internships with both Microsoft and Intel, but when he was recently offered a full-time position at Microsoft and Google, he turned them down. Deciding instead, to create a new mobile app. He teamed up with his friends Brian Gerrard and Justin Gerrard to create a new dating app called “BAE”. BAE stands for “Before Anyone Else” and is a mobile matchmaking app, designed to enhance dating for the Black community.

Kunzika told TechCrunch, “I was honored to get full-time offers from Microsoft and Google before even turning 21, but I knew that I could serve a higher calling to represent a paradigm shift in what a tech entrepreneur could look like.”

So what makes BAE different from the dozens of other dating apps out there? According to Kunzika, “What users like the most about Bae is the quality of the matches and that it helps you find those you’re most interested in.” For example, if you prefer to find someone who went to a similar school as you, the app will adapt to your preferences and learn your user behavior.

For more details about the Bae app, visit

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