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Thrifty Bride Goes Viral After Video Revealing How She Paid Only $500 For Her Beautiful Wedding

A thrifty bride determined to keep her wedding costs low went viral after revealing how she and her husband spent only $500 on their beautiful wedding. 

Kiara Brokenbrough said she and her new hubby Joel, didn’t want to go into debt with an expensive wedding, so they got creative when planning their ceremony.

“I just seen how, culturally, how we’ve gotten so far away from how weddings were something so simple as bride and groom coming together, bowing to God to stay together and bowing to each other to stay together and in front of witnesses,” Kiara told The Times. “I’m not going to go into debt over this. I’m not going to spend a whole bunch of money, or stress and get in people’s pockets over such an event that’s going to last one day.”

After trying on multiple dresses that cost over $1,000, Kiara decided to order her wedding dress from Shein, a low cost fashion website. She paid just $47 for the dress and it looks stunning!

@kiarabrk Reply to @maalikaelise dress included! $47 on @SHEIN 🤩🤩 #weddingtiktok #weddingdress #cheapwedding #blackbride ♬ audio credit is rennyxaudios – 70s80s90s00s

Kiara revealed how they pulled off a $500 wedding – including her $47 dress and $100 for Joel’s suit – in a now-viral TikTok video and I must say it looks like a beautiful event!

According to Kiara’s TikTok, they organized their wedding in two months. The wedding was held at a free venue, where they only had to pay for chairs and a decorative arch. The wedding cake and flowers were gifted to them by friends and family and their reception was held in a hotel lounge where guests paid for their own food and drinks. Because the couple only had around 30 or 40 guests in attendance, they didn’t need to purchase a public permit, helping to keep costs down, she said in the video. 

@kiarabrk I’ze a married woman now!! 😜 Subscribe to my YouTube channel to see how I pulled this off! YT: KIARA BRK #wedding #weddingtiktok #weddingday #couples ♬ original sound – zaq 🦖

“Our village is strong,” Kiara Brokenbrough told Fox 11. “People paid to fly out here to come to a wedding, and they knew if they wanted food and drinks, it’s available for purchase, and they knew that. I didn’t hear anyone complain.”

That’s how you do it! Stack your money and STILL have a beautiful wedding day! I love it! All of us women with weddings in our future (fingers crossed) should take notes from Kiara!

According to The Knot, on the average American couples spent about $30,000 on their wedding in 2021, with the cost of the reception increasing the total to about $34,000. That’s a down payment on a house! 

Kudos and congratulations to Mrs. Kiara Brokenbrough and her new husband!

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Britt April 20, 2022 at 10:42 pm

No way that dress is only $47!! 😱


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