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Towing Company Loses Major Contracts With City After Employee Is Caught On Video Using Racial Slurs Towards Customer

Parsippany, NJ – A New Jersey towing company cost itself two very valuable contracts after cell phone video showed a company rep using the N-word during an interaction with a customer.

Ajaco Towing Recovery lost its government contract with the township of Parsippany and the NJ State Police after the video of an employee’s racial outburst spread online.

“Earlier this morning the township was made aware of an incident occurring at Ajaco Towing Recovery, a business contracted with the Parsippany Police Department,” the town administration and police said in a joint statement on Aug. 18. “After reviewing the video, [we have] decided to no longer use Ajaco Towing, effective immediately.”

In the video, posted on Instagram by a user named mr_str8money, a white Ajaco employee can be seen yelling as a Black man while police try to get him to go inside his office building.

“Get the f*ck off of my property!” the employee yells. “Get him out of here. Get him out of here,” he repeatedly tells the police.

“Take your pictures. Stick it up your *ss,” the employee yells at the man recording the video. “I’ll drop that motherf*cker,” the employee tells police while gesturing to the video recorder. “Go ahead. Go ahead, pull the racial card,” he tells the recorder.

The towing company is no longer on the city’s roster of contracted businesses and has been removed from a list referenced to when carrying out municipal operations.

The New Jersey State police followed suit earlier this week. The state police said in a statement on Monday, Aug. 23, that the department would no longer be working with Ajaco.

“The New Jersey State Police is aware of the incident and has suspended operations with Ajaco Towing,” NJSP spokesperson Lt. Jeffrey Flynn said Monday. “The matter remains under internal review.”

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