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Transit Cops Under Investigation After Hitting and Tasing Woman Who Couldn’t Pay Fare

SEPTA police are investigating an encounter with three of their officers and a woman that was caught on camera and shared on social media. 

According to SEPTA spokesperson Andrew Busch, the encounter occurred around 9:30 a.m. SEPTA Transit Police were called to the Frankford Transportation Center by a bus driver  who claimed a rider refused to leave the bus. 

In the cell phone video two SEPTA officers can be seen holding the woman’s arms seemingly trying to arrest her. Within seconds of the video starting, one of the officers can be seen striking the woman on the head with his hand. As the two officers continue to hold the women, a third officer approaches with a taser in his hand. The two officers let the woman go and she attempts to run before she is tased and arrested. 

SEPTA released a statement saying they are currently investigating the incident and anyone who saw the incident to contact them.

“As is shown on the video that has circulated on social media, during the ensuing encounter with SEPTA Transit Police, an officer used his taser on the woman before she was taken into custody,” Busch wrote. “There were no life-threatening injuries, and an investigation is ongoing.”

Busch did not identify the woman who was arrested, however he said charges against her had not yet been approved. He added that she was taken to Jefferson Frankford Hospital to be evaluated, which he said is  “standard procedure when a Taser is deployed.”

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Hazel Sentinel August 11, 2022 at 10:41 am

Septa police and other police personnel has went to far in doing their jobs. They are terrorists and are terrorizing the public. What goes around comes around…….


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