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Tuscaloosa Police Release Body Camera Video Of Black Woman Beaten By Officers

Two Tuscaloosa Police officers have been pulled off the street and assigned to desk duty after they brutally arrested a woman during a traffic stop.

Police body camera footage was released Wednesday showing officers Steven Lackey and Cole Ward taking suspect 22-year-old Jhasmynn Sheppard to the ground.

While the incident was happening someone captured the whole thing on cell phone video and the incident went viral on social media. One of the officers used a police baton to hit Sheppard. 

“I was beaten by two police officers and I was unarmed and I did everything they asked me to do,” Sheppard said. “And all I did was ask a question, and I did not deserve to get beaten into the ground with blood running down my face and bruises all over my body and aches and pains and I am still having headaches every morning when I wake up.”

The incident happened last Friday, April 19, after one of the officers stopped Sheppard claiming she was a hit-and-run driver. Sheppard denies the allegation but admits she was in a car accident.  But she said the driver and passenger in the other vehicle told her they were ok, so she left the scene.

Sheppard says she begged the officers not to hurt her.

“I am in pain and begging them and pleading with them to stop,” Sheppard said. “Y’all are hurting me and they were like yelling its too late for that – disrespecting me making me feel like I am not even human”.

On the police body camera, you can hear both officers using profanity and yelling threats to Sheppard.  One of the officers said, “If you do anything more then what you are told I am going to kick you in the teeth.” 

Another officer told Sheppard, “You’re lucky I didn’t put my gun in the back of your noggin and make you obey”.

Tuscaloosa Police Chief Steve Anderson says both men are under investigation.

“For me, that caused lots of anger. I was disappointed in the officers,” Anderson said. “I was disgusted by what I saw, by what I heard. I was embarrassed by it because it does not reflect our core values here at the Tuscaloosa police department.”

Sheppard is planning to file a lawsuit against the officers.

“They know they are wrong and they know they are not right for this and what they did was uncalled for – and this is not the end,” Anderson said.

Police Chief Steve Anderson tells CBS 42 he is considering dropping charges of Assault and disarming a police officer that Sheppard is facing.

You can view the released body cam footage below (WARNING. Strong language and acts of force are displayed in video) :

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Jack Schit May 30, 2019 at 11:25 pm

He tried to destroy the cell phone evidence with his baton. That should also be a felony !
That’s despite his sadistic, violent and and unprofessional behavior and destruction of personal property, coupled with physical assault with the intent to do bodily harm and terroristic threatening.
Tell me why police departments only hire thugs like this, because the so called “good cops” are helping them thug out rather than protecting victims.
The badge and gun isn’t enough for these goons , they thrive on intimidation, physical and mental assault or even murder when they feel as if their bully tactics aren’t enough to coerce their victims.
Every police department in America needs a severe overhaul if the police can’t do their jobs and protect the public from these criminal cops!
But I won’t even bet a coke that there is a group of them out on the street taking advantage of their positions under the color of law right now,and 6 to 10 so called “good cops” aiding them in their crimes… Some call that collusion, but for some reason they get away with calling it aiding a fellow officer. Every other case gets call aiding and abetting when the criminals committing these types of crimes aren’t cops.

Nicole Ann Magincalda October 20, 2019 at 8:05 pm

I think those cops were out of line even if that woman resisted arrest. Their is no excusing police brutality on a un-armed citizen!!!. The cops were out of line and being as they have desk jobs now doesn’t sound like justice to me. “Personally i think they should lose their freaking jobs!!!. ” How come it is in society that if a government offical does something against the law, it is excuessed!!!. “However if a regular person does something wrong against a government officals, they feel they have the right to disregruad law, civil rights, and human rights???. This is what happens when government officals have more power then the people they serve. No one should be treated with such disrespect. “Perhaps the officers should spend a month behind bars, or more, to see how it feels to be in a position of helplessness by a higher power!!!.

AprilDaniels August 13, 2019 at 1:49 am

Back August 2018 Tuscaloosa police covered up a young lady who assaulted my daughter because the young lady’s father Moody was friends with the some officers. Moody was an officer in Montgomery. They had the young lady to file a police report like my daughter had assaulted her so the case could be thrown out. The young lady didn’t have a scratch. My daughter suffered a large permanent scar on her face, bruises on her back and entire body. The young lady threw my daughters phone while she was talking with 911. The next week or so my daughter and I were treated like we were criminals. Everyone we talked to at the department gave us the run around.
Bottom line none of this surprises me. I’m just glad someone videotaped it because we were told the cops camera was not on so I couldn’t see anything that happened when the police arrived.

Charles Grammer September 1, 2019 at 7:06 pm

This is normal for Tuscaloosa Police They won’t do anything to the cops.

Sophie October 26, 2019 at 10:00 pm

That’s why I shed not one tear or an ounce of remorse when someone takes them out. They’re just a bunch of rabid animals. Whatever happens to them, they asked for it.

Cheryl November 1, 2019 at 6:22 pm

Wow! It concerns me when I see “COPS FOR TRUMP” AT HIS RACE RALLIES. We do not miss a day without reports of abuse and/or murder of African Americans by cops.


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