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Two Police Officers Suspended WITH Pay After Brutally Beating And Spitting On Teens

Providence, R.I. – On Wednesday, Providence police released body camera videos from a pursuit that happened last month. In the videos multiple officers can be seen repeatedly punching at least two teenagers during an arrest following a police chase through the city.

Providence police released 41 separate body camera videos showing what occurred at the scene. On the night of July 8, police say three teens led them on an hours-long chase throughout the city, repeatedly pointing what turned out to be a BB gun rifle at bystanders and police. 

The chase ended when the teens crashed the BMW they were driving into a fire hydrant on Salmon Street.

After the teens are pulled from the car, multiple body camera videos show at least two of the teens being brutally beaten by several officers. A video shows one of the teens’ head and hands being held back by an officer as another officer punches him in the face several times. The teen can be heard moaning and crying as he is beaten by officers. 

Other videos show Officer Domingo Diaz furiously punching one of the juveniles while he lay on the ground held down by other officers. Diaz continues punching the teen until he is physically restrained and pulled away by another officer.  Diaz then walks over to one of the teens whose face appears to be covered in blood and spits at him. 

The initial police report filed for the arrest doesn’t mention any use of force being used against the teens, however the videos clearly show at least two of the teens being forced to the ground where they were held down, repeatedly punched and handcuffed. According to police, at least one of the teens had to be hospitalized after the arrest.

Two police officers, Diaz and Mitchel Voyer, are currently under criminal investigation for their use of force during the arrests. Public Safety Commissioner Steven Paré and Mayor Jorge Elorza called the force used by the officers “appalling.” Both officers have been suspended with pay.

“I fully support the suspension of these two officers, taking their guns away, taking them off the streets and holding them accountable,” Elorza said last month.

“I saw excessive use of force in some of the body cams that is both troubling and appalling,” Paré said at the time.

No charges have been filed against the police officers. The teenagers have all been charged with criminal offenses, but their names have not been released because they are underage.

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Roberto Diaz February 25, 2022 at 1:03 pm

6 months later the investigation was closed quietly and Diaz was given a raise.


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