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Video Shows Indianapolis Police Officer Punching Student Outside High School

A video showing a police officer punching a student outside Shortridge High School in Indianapolis is under investigation.

Both Indianapolis Public Schools and the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department confirmed the incident happenedThursday outside Shortridge High School. Two IMPD officers and an IPS officer were involved.

The video, posted on Facebook, shows a heated exchange involving a mother and police officers. One IMPD officer yells for the woman to leave the property as he and another IMPD officer approach her.

The second IMPD officer yells, “You want to go to jail? You want to go to jail? Let’s go!”

When an IPS student steps in his way, the officer punches him. The punch sends the student to the pavement.

Just before it happens, someone is heard off camera calmly saying, “Y’all need to chill out.” An IPS officer is then seen at the end of the video.

IPS released the following statement:

“The District has recently learned of an incident which appears to show an IMPD officer striking an IPS student. We are investigating this matter and taking every step to ensure the safety and well-being of our students is secured.”

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