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Video Shows Man Telling Jail Officers “I can’t breathe” More Than 20 Times Before His Death

A judge released body camera footage Wednesday from a North Carolina jail showing the morning inmate John Neville suffered a medical emergency and was restrained by officers.

Neville died as a result of his injuries and five correction officers, along with a nurse, have been charged with involuntary manslaughter in their handling of the situation that led to his death.

Authorities said the incident unfolded during the early hours of Dec. 2, 2019, when a medical emergency caused Neville to fall off his top bunk.

Neville died two days later from his injuries at the hospital.

A medical examiner ruled Neville died from a brain injury due to cardiac arrest, due to asphyxia during a prone restraint — which is being restrained in the facedown position.

The released videos show multiple detention officers detained Neville before a nurse was called to give aid.

In the video,  John Neville can be heard calling for his mother and yelling “I Can’t breathe!” more than 20 times as officers restrain him.

Attorney Michael Grace, who is representing the Neville family, said he will be pursuing action against the county and Wellpath, the company contracted by the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office to provide medical care to incarcerated individuals, as well as the district attorney as the criminal cases progress forward.

“The sheriff has acknowledged that mistakes were made, and that means a lot to the family. It won’t bring John Neville back,” Grace said.

On Tuesday, Forsyth County Sheriff Bobby Kimbrough apologized to Neville’s family during a news conference for the man’s death, saying he too cried after seeing the video. He said Neville’s death has led to changes in training involving medical care providers, and that he would name a portion of the jail for Neville.

On Wednesday night, more than 70 participants used their phones as flashlights and sang songs during the vigil for Neville in Winston-Salem, the Winston-Salem Journal reported.

Neville’s son, Tremaine Stubbs, spoke to the crowd about parts of the footage released on Wednesday that showed Neville, calling for this mother. “There is no reason that a grown man should be calling for his mama when she is no longer with us,” Stubbs said. “I can’t breathe man,” he added. “My daddy is gone for no reason.”

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X-abian Montsho JAHi August 6, 2020 at 2:13 pm

“Monkeys” never learn….”ASSimilation Kills!” Integration is demanded/maintained by the govt because their reward$ outweigh the miniscule losses—-Black eliminations.

Yoca October 21, 2020 at 10:21 am

Fucking white monkey assholes. I can now understand, how this species was able to slaughter over 100 milions indians in Amerika.

X-abian M Jahi October 21, 2020 at 11:20 am

Just imagine being ousted from your homeland (Europe) to ships from your prisons, then coming across a people as civil and helpful as the Indigenous people were. No one but the devil could reward these people’s hospitality with rapes (both sexes), murders, extermination, abuses, Afrikan serfdom. People who come from “nobody” will do anything to feel like somebody!


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