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Watch: Black FBI Informant Exposes How The FBI Infiltrated and Destroyed Black Organizations

His name is Darthard Maurice Edward Perry, aka Ed Riggs, Bill Perry, John Garrison, Othello and Crackerjack. For five years he was an informant for the FBI. During that time, and at the direction of the bureau, he claims he has conducted surveillance on numerous black elected officials and Black organizations in the 60s and 70s.

He has placed listening devices (bugs) in the offices. Conducted surveillance of scores of community meetings, using his position as a video cameraperson for the Watts Writers Workshop as a cover. He has conducted surveillance on SLA safehouses and has distributed radical literature given him by the FBI which explains how to construct a “simple time-bomb,” how to build a “seif-igniting Molotov cocktail” and how to manufacture “people’s hand grenades.”

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He need burning….all blacks that betry they own


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