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Witnesses Say Police Shot Man in His Back in Saturday’s Fatal Chicago Shooting

This Saturday Chicago police scuffled with demonstrators just hours after a Chicago police officer fatally shot a man on the city’s South Side.

According to police, officers were hit with rocks and bottles as dozens of demonstrators gathered near the crime scene. Four demonstrators were arrested late Saturday as police cleared the crime scene, said Anthony Guglielmi, the police department’s chief spokesman. Fred Waller, chief of the department’s patrol division, said three or four officers were injured.

Video posted on social media appeared to show multiple officers drag one man at the scene. Protesters chanted “murderers” and “no justice, no peace” at officers.

Police said in a statement that the fatal shooting happened when officers on foot in the South Shore neighborhood tried to question a man “exhibiting characteristics of an armed person.” Waller added that officers, who were posted in the area, spotted a bulge in the man’s pants that they suspected was a weapon.

No police officers were injured in the confrontation with the suspected gunman. A weapon was recovered at the scene.

“When they approached him, he tried to push their hands away, started flailing and swinging away, trying to make his escape, and as he tried to make his escape he reached for his weapon,” said Waller, who said police recovered a semiautomatic firearm at the scene.

Asked by a reporter at a Saturday evening news conference whether the suspect had a license to carry a concealed weapon, Waller responded, “As we know now, he did not.”

Witnesses of the shooting gave a different account of the shooting.

Alleging the man was shot in the back by CPD. The man’s name was Tommy, but those who knew the local barber called him “Snoop,” witnesses told Chicago Sun Times reporter Nader Issa. According to witnesses, the man’s gun was holstered, and he didn’t try to reach for it while running away from the confrontation. It all started when the officers told him to stop selling loose cigarettes, which he denied doing. He was handing a few cigarettes to his aunt. He ran away after the argument started with the cops. A female officer shot him in the back.

“He was cool, laid back, very intelligent,” said Gloria Rainge, who had been a regular customer of the barber for five years and watched him get gunned down. Another customer recalled that Snoop would bring his 5-year-old daughter everywhere—fortunately, she wasn’t with her father on Saturday.

The officer who fatally shot the suspect will be placed on desk duty for the next 30 days, standard procedure for the more than 12,000-officer department, while the city’s Civilian Office of Police Accountability investigates the shooting.

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