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Woman Who Alleged Bill Cosby Raped Her Drops Defamation Lawsuit

Kristina Ruehli filed a defamation lawsuit against Bill Cosby, alleging that he sexually assaulted her in 1965. Ms. Ruehli rescinded her claim on Friday, one day after a federal judge in Massachusetts denied Mr. Cosby’s attorneys motion to have the lawsuit thrown out of court. She is 1 of more than 50 women who have accused Mr. Cosby of some sort of sexual assault. Most of the alleged cases are beyond the statues of limitation to file criminal charges but several women have filed defamation lawsuits because Bill Cosby’s lawyers have accused them of lying.

Kristina Ruehli’s motion to drop her defamation lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Springfield, Massachusetts, with no reason given as to why she was dropping the lawsuit. The only statement given was made by her attorney, who quoted Ms. Ruehli as saying that she had accomplished her goal of drawing attention to Cosby’s alleged sexual assaults.

Bill Cosby has consistently denied all of these allegations against him and his lawyers on Friday stated that Ms. Ruehli’s abrupt dismissal of her own lawsuit, amounts to defamation of their client’s character. In an email statement, Mr. Cosby’s lawyers said, “This is now the second of these defamation cases that has been dismissed, either by a court or by a party. We hope and expect that there will be more and we look forward to fighting any that are not dismissed before a jury of our peers. For those in the media who accepted every allegation raised without question or evaluation, they need to answer the well-known question with respect to Mr. Cosby, ‘Which office do I go to get my reputation back?’”

There is still another defamation lawsuit that is ongoing in federal court in Massachusetts, which involves seven women who have accused Bill Cosby of sex assault. In Mr. Cosby’s ongoing legal saga, he is due back in court in Pennsylvania next month, in connection with the one criminal sex assault case he faces.


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