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‘You’re just going to be another black boy shot” Highschool Teacher Fired After Video Shows Him Fighting with Student

Louisville, KY – A Kentucky high school teacher has been terminated after he was caught on cell phone video involved in a violent fight with a 16-year-old student. 

William Bennet, a science teacher at Marion C. Moore High School in Louisville, KY, was fired after an investigation concluded that he ‘escalated the situation’ by telling the teenager, who is a gunshot victim, he was ‘just another black boy who got shot’.  

The altercation, which took place in August 2021, started when Bennet told the student, Jamir Strane, that he could not enter his class with a “bandana” on. Strane said he was not wearing a bandana, he was wearing a facemask. An argument between the teacher and student ensued. 

According to Strane, the physical altercation started when the teacher made a derogatory statement about him being shot. Strane, who was shot in a drive-by shooting in 2020, said Bennet’s comment of him being ‘just another black boy who got shot’ is what led to  him to punch the teacher.

“He said, ‘You’re just going to be another black boy shot,’” Strane told WDRB . “I’m going to put it in English. He said ‘You’re going to end up in the streets dead,’ in my mind, like all my friends.”

In the cell phone video, Bennet can be seen laying on top of Strane, pushing him to the ground. Once the fight is broken up and the student and teacher are back on their feet, Bennet can be seen pulling Strane’s hair and kicking him. 

The video of the fight has since been taken down, however The Insider obtained a copy of Bennet’s termination letter which details what happened. According to the letter, Bennet admitted to saying something to Strane “about being shot”, which angered the student and he punched the teacher in the back of the head. The letter also noted that, even after being pulled away, Bennet still followed Strane and “proceeded to engage in the altercation.”

After the altercation, Strane was suspended for 10 days and faced an assault charge over the incident. Bennett was assigned to “non-instructional duties” by the county up until he was recently terminated.

The teens mother, Erica Strane, has sued the teacher and the Jefferson County Public Schools.

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